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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)


The Sinaiticus, which, together with the pro-Catholic Vaticanus, has been the foundation for all modern “Bible” versions, has been publicly exposed as being FAKE! It is counterfeit! It’s a SHAM!

If the Sinaiticus is a counterfeit, it means that every single modern Bible that is NOT based on the Majority Text (such as the KJV), is based on counterfeit foundations and therefore cannot be trusted! You cannot trust any modern Bibke version! They tell us the ORIGINALS are GOD’S WORD (singular) (so must we all learn Hebrew and Greek to find what God has said?) and they tell us we do not know exactly what are GOD’S WORDS (plural). This is how they justify the statement that God’s Word is inerrant and that they believe in Sola Scriptura: they say it is inerrant in its originals (which no-one has access to to confirm) but they don’t really know exactly what God is saying in his Word. I think it is DECEPTIVE to say you believe in Sola Scriptura without explaining that you believe in the originals only.

Is a sovereign God who loves the world (John 3:16) not able to give us today His real words!!? Come on! If we don’t know exactly what God’s words are and scholars are still busy figuring it out it means that theoretically scholars could tell us tomorrow that Jesus saying “Ye Must be born again” or him saying “I am the way, the truth and the life” were both wrong translations. They could tell us something like it actually means “Ye must be born” or “I am a way, part of the truth and a way of life”

Can you see how dangerous it is to believe in modern translations? VERY VERY DANGEROUS. And it is certainly not God who has an agenda to confuse us or to spread doubt. It can only be….you guessed it!

See David Daniels brilliant exposure of the SINAITICUS AS FAKE here:

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