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Pure Gospel

It’s good to have goals. When I was in my twenties my goal was to get married before the age of 30. By the grace of God He gave me the most wonderful wife whom I married with months to spare before the cut-off date:) Ten years later it was my goal to get my Ph.D. before turning 40. Again I made it with months to spare obtaining a doctorate in Biblical Apologetics from the Biblical Life College and Seminary (http://www.biblical-life.com). If you are interested in doing in-depth research you can read my whole dissertation found hereunder- which proves scientifically that the New Age Movement is evil.


NAM PhD dissertation
It’s great to reach our goals. But this is not about me, it’s about Jesus Christ and His return. And everything happening that points to His coming. Time is running out, with lots of wolves in sheep clothing going around- both in the world and in the Church. Should we keep quiet…or not? I THINK NOT!