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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

The Bali Globalist Summit calls for new vaccine passports. (Nov 2022)

The Bali Globalist Summit calls for new vaccine passports. (Nov 2022)

The G20 global leaders summit has just finished in Bali, Indonesia. I was in Bali a few years ago. It’s such a beautiful and tranquil place where you feel you are permanently on vacation. Yet here, with the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” the erosion of the sovereignty of nations and privacy of individuals was discussed and agreed upon.

The G20 nations that attended, as a group, controls more than 80% of the world’s finances, with control over at least 60% of the world’s population. This includes the EU, USA, South Africa, and many other nations.

COVID-19, the global economic situation, health issues and climate change were of course all on the agenda. Discussions ended with the Bali Declaration. This declaration has some worrisome clauses dealing with future possible pandemics. Many clauses are worded very vaguely, for example you must be “tested properly (against viruses).” In Law this creates a problem, because it means that it can be, and often is, applied to situations much broader that what was intended. Remember how the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Ghebreyesus, unilaterally decided to declare Monkey pox an International Health Emergency, despite lack of consensus even from his own WHO colleagues?

The point is, the director of the WHO has the dictatorial right to declare a pandemic as and when he feels like it. And, by signing this declaration, countries will have to oblige with any lockdowns, vaccinations etc. that the WHO then decides on.

The declaration calls for a renewed interest in Vaccination Passports/Digital Health Certificates. Par 23 stated that: “We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.”

Indonesia’s Minister of Health, Gunadi Sadikin put forward the motion when he said: “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO – if you have been vaccinated or tested properly – then you can move around.”

The WHO has already instructed countries to strengthen surveillance abilities at border crossings. The effect of all this is that one will not be able to travel internationally, unless you have been “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19, according to WHO standards. You vaccination passport will be proof of this, and an international app will probably be created to ensure conformity amongst countries. It is foreseen that this digital certificate will be introduced at the next meeting of the G20 in Switzerland, in May next year.

Once this app is up and running, it could then also be used globally for entrance to buildings, sports arenas, shopping malls etc. as we saw with COVID-19.

The first problem with this is that COVID-19 is all but dead in that it poses no further lethal risk to society, so why must one still be vaccinated against it? The second problem is that by now it is clear that these vaccines do not prevent the virus, and have serious side-effects, which many suspect are intentional so to depopulate the earth in line with the Great Reset goals of the Word Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab. The third problem is that we have no idea what future pandemics are awaiting us, so how do we know that vaccinations against one disease (COVID) will be efficient against another?

Any rational person should see that the real motivation behind these vaccination passports is to have more control over individuals, to remove our right of movement, right to privacy etc. It boils down to Stakeholder Capitalism, where stakeholders like the WHO and the WEF (and not countries) sway power over people. When countries agree to this, which they did by signing this Bali Declaration, they effectively give up the right to nationally declare a pandemic or emergency situation. They ceded these rights to stakeholders – the right to pull the strings. Countries become puppets on a string. So preparing the way for one man, the Antichrist, to eventually pull those strings.

Together with the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) (see my article “What’s happening with our money?”), it is easy to see how Digital Health Certificates, and CBDC wallets can later be linked into one, which will give the globalists even more control over society. Rev 13 predicts control by the Antichrist over all nations, so we know these developments are inevitable. We can resist these while we can, but ultimately as born-again believers our hope is in the Lord Jesus to fetch us before all this coincides. I trust you are ready!