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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

History of the World Economic Forum’s Great Res-et idea


LIFESITENEWS.COM reports (edited by CJ)

The World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971 with its mission to “SHAPE global, regional, and industry agendas” (my emphasis). They meet annually at the Davos Forum, Switzerland and have been criticized inter alia by amassing political and financial power in the hands of a wealthy global elite. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Economic_Forum).

In May 2020 the WEF, together with Prince Charles of Wales, launched the Great Res*et project whose aims include the changing of Capitalism (“You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”) and introducing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where an entirely digital financial system on the Blockchain (developed specifically for Bitcoin) , Internet of Things (with its backbone in Ethereum) (https://subscription.packtpub.com/book/big-data-and-business-intelligence/9781789537406/5/ch05lvl1sec31/ethereum-and-iot#:~:text=In%20my%20personal%20opinion%2C%20Ethereum%20is%20the%20perfect,in%20using%20Ethereum%20to%20help%20build%20the%20IoT.) and Artificial Intelligence get promoted. See link here (That’s why investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and AI companies will give good financial returns)


A few years before the foundation of the WEF Catholic officer of the Pope Msgr. Hélder Câmara had a meeting with the young Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum and theorizer of the Great Res*et. Schwab is of course related by marriage to the super-wealthy Rothchilds. It is also interesting that Schwab’s father worked for Hitler and produced weapons of war for the Nazi effort. Klaus Schwab himself also was a leading figure in the founding of a company culture which helped Pretoria, South Africa, build atom bombs. (https://www.shiftfrequency.com/ernst-stavro-blohfelder-klaus-schwab-a-family-history/)

Once Schwab recognized Câmara for his opposition to the traditional Church and his revolutionary theories, and once the WEF started meetings, he invited Camara to the Davos Forum. Câmara was among the organizers of the “Pact of the Catacombs,” which was signed by about forty ultra-progressivist Bishops in 1965. This document includes collaboration in the establishment of “another, new social order.” Among the signatories there was also Msgr. Enrique Angelelli, the auxiliary bishop of Cordoba in Argentina. Angelelli was instrumental in the religious upbringing of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis).” Bergoglio himself declared right from the beginning of his Pontificate that he agreed with the demands of the Pact of the Catacombs (i.e. to create a new world order). This allegiance of the pope becomes evident when one sees for example the collaboration of Vatican commissions with Malthusianism (they promote population control to minimize the impact of man on the environment), and their participation in the Council for Inclusive Capitalism (they promote global financial control in alliance with the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller Foundation, and large banks). So we have the super-rich Rockefellers and Rothschilds on the one hand, and the World Economic Forum on the other hand, arm-in-arm with the head of the Catholic Church to establish the New Order by means of the Great Res*et, as has been planned decades ago already..


One of Hitler’s goals was depopulation by eliminating Jews, Gypsies and other “unsocial” human beings. One of the globalists main goals also happens to be depopulation.

In June 2011 the Sovereign Independent carried the headline on its front page: “Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution!” Besides the headline, a photograph of Bill Gates was accompanied by a quote from him: “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services [abortion and contraception], we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” This is what Bill Gates said ten years ago. Today he is one of the shareholders of the Black Rock group that finances the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines, one of the main sponsors of the World Health Organization (WHO), and also of a myriad of public and private entities connected to health. At his side we curiously find George Soros, the “philanthropist” of the Open Society, which together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently invested in a British company that produces swabs for Covid testing.


It is interesting that the deep State has focused on influencing and corrupting the Church. Could this be because the Church is the body of Christ and Lucifer (now called Satan) realises that the Church is the only real obstacle to his plans?

There are many examples of interference by the deep state in the life of the Church. We cannot forget the emails of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, which show the intention to oust Benedict XVI from the papacy and so to initiate a new “springtime of the Church” that would be globalist, which later came about with the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis.

The term “adult Catholics” is given to prominent world leaders such as pres. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who use the name “Christian” without behaving consistently with Christian faith and morality in their service of public affairs. Then there was the idolatrous cult of the Pachamama right under the arches of the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Basilica; the insistence on Irenicist Ecumenism (this is where reason is used to try to unify apologetical systems), the endorsement of Situation Ethics (the doctrine of flexibility in the application of moral laws according to circumstances) and the substantial legitimization of adultery in the Catholic Amoris Laetitia (an exhortation by Pope Francis addressing the pastoral care of families); the endorsement of left-wing politicians, revolutionary leaders, and abortion activists; in both Catholic and Protestant circles the words of understanding for LGBT issues, homosexuals, and transsexuals; the silence over the legitimization of homosexual unions and the even more disconcerting silence over the blessing of same-sex couples by German and Dutch-Reformed bishops, priests and pastors etc. The list goes on.

The intentions of the globalists are becoming clear- to subordinate the church to the orders of the state.


The “Green Pass” was invented as a Vaccine Pass to allow for unrestricted local and international travel, together with giving access to places such as theatres, stadiums and restaurants. It was created with the excuse of the Covid pandemic. Now it is one thing to impose the “Green Pass”; but it is quite another to recognize that the purpose of the passport is to accustom us to being tracked; and still another to say that this total control is the forerunner to the “mark of the Beast” of which the Bible speaks (Rev 13:16-18)

In order to understand the esoteric roots of the thought that lies at the foundation of the Globalists and the United Nations (i.e. that there should be a One World Order ultimately under the auspices of one world leader), one cannot fail to consider characters such as Albert Pike, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey, or other disciples of Luciferian sects. Their writings, published since the late nineteenth century, are quite revealing.

Just a few examples:

In 1889, Albert Pike, a senior Freemason, declared that “Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God” .

Alice Bailey, an esoteric and Theosophist, was one of the first authors who used the term “New Age”. She created a 10-Point Plan for society to promote New Age ideas. The last point was to “get governments to make all these [New World Order] law and get the church to endorse these changes.” (https://endtiming.com/?page_id=246) Bailey called the number 666 as the “most holy number” in her writings, by the way.

The first theorist of Vatican II, (https://vatican.com/Vatican-II/), that changed the face of Catholicism, was Freemasonry. It was said that “The Christian, the Jew, the Moslem, the Buddhist, the follower of Confucius and Zoroaster can unite as brothers and join together in prayer to the only god who is above all the other gods” Albert Pike made it clear who this god is.

The hippie revolution of the sixties was a sad example of pacifist and ecumenist ambitions, in which the “Age of Aquarius” was celebrated by the musical Hair (1969) and then by John Lennon with Imagine (1971)

New age leader and Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project David Spangler wrote in 1978” No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation” Other New age leaders identified this initiation as receiving the Mark of the Beast”. (Reflections on The Christ, Findhorn, 1978)


The corruption of authority is such that it is very difficult – at least in human terms – to hypothesize a peaceful way out. In the course of history, totalitarian regimes have been overthrown by force. It is difficult to think that the health dictatorship that has been established in recent months can be fought differently, since all the powers of the State, all of the means of information, all the international public and private institutions, all of the economic and financial leaders are complicit in this crime.

Faced with this bleak scenario of corruption and conflict of interest, it is indispensable that all those who are not subservient to the globalist plan unite in a compact and cohesive front, in order to defend their natural and religious rights, their own health and that of their loved ones, their freedom, and their goods. Where authority fails in its duties and indeed betrays the purpose for which it has been established, disobedience is not only lawful but obligatory: non-violent disobedience, at least for now, but determined and courageous. Wherever the dictates of the New World Order comes to the fore, it must be resisted.

2 Thes 2:7 says that “the mystery of iniquity doth already work” (KJV). It calls the development of the New World Order under the auspices of globalists a mystery- and that of iniquity (sin). The NIV explains it like this “7 For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.” Who holds it back? -clearly the true Church that is not corrupted to the point of capitulation. To those Christians like me who believe in the Rapture (the removal of Christians to meet Jesus Christ in the air) being “taken out of the way” makes perfect sense. It brings great comfort that believers will be removed before the wrath of God is fully released on earth..

New Age leaders such as Vera Elda ironically agree with this notion. It is important to understand that a prominent strategy of the New Age Movement is that of persecuting those who oppose new age principles- those who “refuse to enter into the age of enlightenment.” Vera Elda wrote that “Christians are the only spanner in these plans. There will have to be a massive removal.” What better removal than the Rapture? Another globalist and New Age leader Mark Satin agrees when he writes about the coming apocalypse that will “cleanse” the earth of those in need of “purgation.” (New Age politics: the healing self and society- Satin: Mark 1979- NY, Delta p.148)

The fact that “he is taken out of the way” is a comfort to those who believe in the Rapture. For we will see the development of the globalist ideas- we already see it- but we will be removed from this wicked earth before it enforces a Luciferian initiation. If those who believe in the Rapture are wrong (I believe not) there will still be a choice whether to succumb to the globalists, or whether to choose life. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” – John 14:6

(Unless quoted otherwise the main reference source is: https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/vigano-considerations-on-the-great-reset-and-the-new-world-order/)