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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

What’s happening with our money? (Nov 2022)


1944- 1971 The Gold Standard

The Bretton Woods Agreement was signed in 1944, which provided the rules on how participating Western nations would run their currencies. These nations had to guarantee that one could exchange their local currency (say Pound or Yen) into US Dollars at a fixed rate. The currency could be exchanged with gold by such nations if they so preferred. Since gold doesn’t lose its value, it safeguarded these currencies.

1971- 1974 The Fiat Standard

Fiat currency is simply paper money that gets printed without anything like gold backing it up. During the late sixties it became evident that the USA was not keeping to the Bretton Woods Agreement, as it started printing many more US dollars than the equivalent they held in gold reserves.
The Vietnam War in particular, was drawn out and costed much more than what the US Government budgeted for, and as such the gold bars kept by them, were being used up fast. So in 1971 the then US pres. Richard Nixon decided to withdraw from the Gold Standard. It was supposed to be an interim withdrawal only, but the US to date has never returned to this secure level.
The US dollar simply became fiat money, not being backed up by anything.

1974 – 2022 The Petro Dollar Standard

As we saw in Zimbabwe, who in 2007 started printing fiat currency without even keeping record of the amount of printing done, hyperinflation can wipe out a country’s economy fast.
To prevent hyperinflation the US made a deal with Saudi Arabia in 1974 to back up its dollar with oil. During the Yom Kippur War the USA supported Israel against its Arab neighbors. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), who was anti-Israel, then banned oil trades with America. To get access to much-needed oil the US secretly made a pact with King Faisal Ibn Abd Al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia: The USA would always protect Saudi-Arabia militarily and provide weapons of war, whilst Saudi Arabia in turn would sell oil only in US dollars, and would buy back American federal debt.

Trusting the USA

Until recently, Saudi Arabia trusted the USA to keep its side of the deal, whilst they in turn kept up their commitment.
The Americans proved their loyalty during Operation Desert Shield in 2006. Iraq suffered an insurgency, and the terrorist organization al-Qaeda planned attacks against the US presence there. Meanwhile, the US defended their ally.
During August 2021 America withdrew their forces from Afghanistan, and the Taliban returned to Kabul to take over governing the country. Americans and allies who fought for America were left behind enemy lines, and Saudi Arabia, together with many other countries, started doubting whether they could still trust the US.

Trusting Russia
To secure its own interests, Saudi Arabia turned to Russia for help. This undermined the Petro Dollar standard, since the deal between Saudi Arabia and America was all but dead.

In February 2022 pres. Vladimir Putin of Russia decided to reclaim Ukraine as Russian territory. The Ukraine was one of the founding states of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). Putin is old-school and at the time of the existence of the USSR he vehemently opposed the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Following the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the US and its Western allies froze Russian bank accounts, imposed sanctions against Putin, and almost expelled Russia from the SWIFT international financial network.
Seeing what America could and did do, nations such as Saudi Arabia then realized that it had become too risky to depend on the US dollar. They started looking around for alternate currencies to make a deal with.

The BRICS option

To increase economic growth and investigate possibilities for financial cooperation five countries (to date) joined in an organization called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The first four countries held their fist meetings during 2006. They were joined by South Africa four years later. One of the goals of BRICS is to create a viable alternative to SWIFT, since the latter is controlled and dominated by the USA. Since the start of BRICS, many other countries, such as Iran, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Nigeria, and importantly Saudi Arabia, expressed an interest to join this group. Most of these countries are important oil and natural gas producers of the world. The problem for America is that if BRICS starts trading oil and gas in currencies other than the US dollar, the dollar will lose its value fast. A country’s economy balances supply and demand. If less commodities get traded in dollars, the fiat will return to the Feds and cause hyperinflation. Stocks, Dollars, Bonds and Real Estate- which form the foundation of American wealth, will collapse in value. America will face economic ruin.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

In the mean time, perhaps also with the above worst-case scenario in mind, the US started looking at the option of creating a digital dollar. Right now (November 2022) in the US, big banks, that include SWIFT, Mastercard, Bank of America, HSBC and Wells Fargo, announced that they are experimenting with a beta-test implementing a Digital Dollar for a three-month trial period. The experiment will be overseen by the US Federal Reserve Bank.
This is not unique to the US though, since many countries started looking into this, including South-Africa, who created the Khokha CBDC project.
Central Bank Digital Currencies are digital currencies that exist on the Blockchain. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, CBDCs are controlled by their respective governments (or groups of nations). This is part of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” goal, i.e. to create a cashless society. The globalists don’t like Bitcoin, because they cannot control it. For this reason we have seen several attacks to try and destabilize Bitcoin, in favour of CBDCs.
When CBDCs kick in, the government will know exactly what you buy and when, and where you are at the time (GPS cellphone location). The governments of this world will have power over people like never before.
It is very likely that when the US dollar crashes, it will coincide with the full implementation of CBDCs. Not only will governments have power over all buying and selling, it will be able to cut individuals out of the system, just like the Canadian government did to truckers recently. Bank accounts were simply frozen. Without money you can’t carry on with life as we know it.
Then we also see governments introducing a social credit score system. This is already fully operational in China, for example. If your score is too low, the government can penalize you by restricting your digital money. Examples- to only work within a radius of 10km from your home (to force you to stay at home); to only allow you to buy very basic foodstuffs; to only allow you to buy a limited amount of petrol at the petrol station; or even to cut you off the system altogether.
Rev 13 in the Bible tells us where all this is heading- to the system of the Antichrist, who will have such control over humanity, so that people who refuse to take the 666 mark of the Beast during the Great Tribulation, will be cut off the system. This mark will certainly be linked to your digital wallet, most probably through a microchip, specifically on the right hand or forehead (in case you lose your hand in an accident, for example)

Another sign of the times
There are many signs that show that we live in the end of time:
• Israel is back in their land since declaring independence from Britain in 1948 (predicted in Jer 23: 7-8);
• The Jews are back in Jerusalem (predicted in Luke 21:24-28);
• The Gospel is being preached throughout the world, through missionaries, churches, the radio, television and the internet (predicted in Matt 24:24);
• Last year we experienced a global pestilence/ pandemic (predicted in Luke 21:11);
• Famine is on the horizon for many countries, due partly to the Russian/Ukrainian War and partly due to lockdowns and US presidential decisions (predicted in Matt 24:7)
• The development of CBDCs as introduction to a cashless society (predicted in Rev 13)- a system that the Antichrist will certainly abuse to control the world.
• Red heifers without spot have been bred and shipped to Israel for ritual sacrifices in the Third Jewish Temple to be built soon (predicted in Num 19).
But as Christians we wait not for the Antichrist (who will masquerade as the real Christ), but for the Lord Jesus’ return. In the “twinkling of an eye” we will be raptured to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb in heaven, whilst God will pour out his wrath upon mankind on earth, for their consistent rejection of the Messiah.
In the interim, watch out what happens with the BRICS countries, watch out for CBDCs, watch out for the continual rolling out of social scoring systems; also watch out for an increase of microchip manufacturing, the increase in value for gold and silver (as attempted backups for the cashless system), and the increase in use of Artificial Intelligence (that will administer the cashless system and control of humanity).
Do you want to escape these things? You can, IF you know the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord. He is the ONLY way of escape. If you reject Him, you will stay behind after the rapture, and will have to endure the totalitarian reign of the Antichrist, not to mention the wrath of God poured out upon the earth as described in the book of Revelation. It’s your choice!