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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

Coronavirus Coincidences (at least 13)


(an abridged extract of past Danny Jones’ sermon found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j6yQnU8KsI)

The world is full of “coincidences”. Here are at least 13 of them relating to Covid-19.

Timeline of efforts to create a One World Government

After World War I the League of Nations was formed in an effort to unite the world. This failed.

After World War II the United Nations was formed in an effort to unite the world. The UN has voiced clear objectives to create a New World Order (NWO).

Globalists and 300 leaders from around the world have been meeting at Davis, Switzerland, in January every year to discuss world problems and solutions. The Marxist Hegelian Dialectic technique is advocated to reach their goals. This is a complicated philosophy but can be summarized in three steps: Problem > Reaction > Solution. First, create a problem. Second, look at the world’s reaction. Third, provide a pre-determined solution, usually with increased governmental control. Since most people act like sheep, they will follow what those around them do; they will all react the same i.e. “give us a solution!” And the globalists will be ready to give them a solution- that inevitably involves giving up more individualism and personal freedom.

On Nov 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the US presidency and vowed to stop the globalist agenda. Subsequently the Press (5 major US stations), Banking and Business elite turned on him.

Who are the most prominent current globalists?

Rockefeller was a globalist but died at the age of 101 in 2017. George Soros is another prominent globalist but is 91 years old. He invested a vast portion of his fortune in Big Pharma. So did Bill Gates. Today we have the Covid-19 coronavirus that puts billions of dollars in the pockets of Big Pharma. COINCIDENCE?

Henry Kissinger is another prominent globalist, who is now 97 years old. In 2020 he wrote how the coronavirus will lead to the NWO, and said how proud he was of the leadership of Bill Gates. Gates was apparently the “anointed one.”

Bill Gates

Who is Bill Gates? He is of course the co-founder of Microsoft; one of the richest men in the world today. His pet projects are Population Control, and also Vaccinations. Gates’ father was a board member of the abortion provider Planned Parenthood who taught young Bill the need for abortion and other methods of population control to save the planet. To Gates junior Vaccination is seen as a sub-set of Population Control. Bill Gates belongs to the Good Club, a philanthropic society of the ultra-rich that include members such as George Soros, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, the Rockefellers and the Ted Turner Foundation.

On Jan 17, 2017, Bill Gates, at the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos, created the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Imitative (CEPI). This was a collaboration between the Gates Foundation, Norway, India, Japan, Germany, and two Big Pharmas- Inovio and Moderna (developer of the Moderna vaccine), The US Department of Defence Responsible for Developing new technologies (DARPA- the so-called “mad scientists” of the US Dept. of Defence), and the US Army’s Institute for Infectious Diseases. This group, CEPI, started working on preparedness for the next epidemic in 2017, three years before the outbreak of Covid-19. COINCIDENCE?

Also in 2017, Bill Gates started working on a Netflix video series called “Pandemic” The plot entails a coronavirus that originated in a wet market in China leaving millions of people dead! Is Bill Gates a prophet to have known this would become real? Or was it a Plan?? COINCIDENCE?

Three months before we knew about Covid-19, on Oct 18, 2019, a Pandemic Simulation Exercise was held at the well-known John Hopkins University by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Council, and Michael Bloomberg’s School of Public Health. Michael Bloomberg tried to run against Donald Trump for the presidency. COINCIDENCE?

This Simulation Exercise predicted that a coronavirus outbreak will have the same death rate as the Spanish Flu of 1918: 65 million deaths in 18 months. Dr George F Gao, Director of the Chinese Centre for Disease was also involved in this Exercise! COINCIDENCE?

On the same day, Oct 18, 2019, the World Military Games started in a very interesting place- Wuhan, China! COINCIDENCE?

On Dec 23, 2019 “Scientific America” reported that the Bill Gates Foundation together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a biometric tattoo that contains a nanochip that can be injected into the forearm at the same time while you are being vaccinated. This is a sub-set of Gates’ bigger plan called ID2020, which was announced the following month at Davos. It is a plan to give every person in the whole world an identification number that will be linked to his physical body, to avoid fraud. It is sponsored by The Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and others. They say it can be used as a screening tool at airports, border crossings, schools, health clinics, government buildings and sports facilities. Rev 13 talks about the mark of the beast where without no one can buy or sell. This might not be the mark of the beast yet, since it is not in the right hand or forehead (yet), but it seems to be a prototype. COINCIDENCE?

On Jan 7th, 2020 China reported the outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan. In the same month, the globalists met at Davos. Bill Gates’ CEPI immediately announced a vaccination program- with partnerships with Inovio, Moderna, and the US Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease – led by the now famous Dr Anthony (Tony) Fauci. Look at the timing and those involved. COINCIDENCE?

Fauci wrote in March 2020 in the well-respected New England Journal of Medicine that the coronavirus will be nothing, that it will be similar to seasonal flu. He obviously knew that what he wrote must be scientifically accurate. This is his official, written version. But before TV cameras- verbally to the world- he said that it is 10 times worse than the seasonal flu, and 2 million Americans will die if nothing gets done to stop it, and even if America locks down the country immediately 200,000 will die. Where did he get these figures from? From the University of Washington’s Institute for Health, Metrics and Evaluation– funded by Bill Gates! COINCIDENCE?

While this Davos meeting was still going on, on Jan 24, 2020, the US House of Representatives began drafting the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill called the “Cares Act”- that manufactured Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and provide financial funding. So somebody in Congress already knew beforehand that Americans will need relief. COINCIDENCE?

By Jan 30, 2020, there were only 150 Coronavirus cases. Yet the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) launched a Public Health Emergency for this “novel” coronavirus. How did they know it was going to be a global emergency? COINCIDENCE?

The next day, Jan 31, 2020, the US issued a travel ban on anyone from China. If it was a “novel” (new) coronavirus, how did they know where it came from? COINCIDENCE?

On Feb 4th, 2020 the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) decided not to use the WHO’s test kits, but they instead created their own tests, which were subsequently found to be defective and thus had to be pulled off the market. On the CDC’s website www.cdc.gov they say that “a positive Covid-19 test does not rule out bacterial infections or co-infections or other viruses. Even Covid-19 might not even be the definite cause of the disease” Yet all positive cases must be reported to the CDC. In other words- You might be sick with seasonal flu or pneumonia, but classifying it as Covid-19 will push up the numbers.

On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared it a global pandemic.

On March 14, 2020, the Press announced that volunteers in Seattle were given vaccinations made by Moderna and approved by Dr Fauci’s Institute of Health.

The next day, March 15, 2020, Donald Trump declared a State of Emergency for Covid-19 and enforced Social Distancing and gatherings with no more than ten people. The rest of the world declared followed suit.

We further see Bill Gates’ heavy-handed influence as follows: On March 24, 2020, Bill Gates said on TedTalk “Once people of the world learn to trust Science to solve a pandemic maybe they’ll be ready to trust Science to solve climate change” Thus a direct link between the pandemic and climate change?

On March 31, 2020 Bill Gates wrote in the Washington Post that the US needed to shut down the economy for at least ten weeks till the end of June.

The “who done it” arguments:

Chinese leaders say that US military leaders who attended the world games at Wuhan released the virus as bioweapon against China.

US leaders said that the Chinese released it out of the virology lab in Wuhan in order to affect the whole world.

The truth is sealed as “classified”- this means it can only be revealed to the public in 40 years.

What becomes clear is that is a manufactured crisis to deceive people to accept a radically different world to the one we all knew.

CDC statistics list that in the US there are annually 39million cases of flu, of which 30,000 – 60,000 people die every year. When Covid-19 had 35,000 deaths, barely more than the minimum level of annual flu, the whole US economy was shut down. Never in the history of man has this happened before that such as relatively minor threat caused the whole economy to shut down! COINCIDENCE?

Why are we being deceived? Where are we going with this?

The book of Daniel’s “mystery of iniquity” (also found in 2 Thes 2:7) is hard at work. The Antichrist will “think to change time and laws” (Dan 7:25). Their job is to try and scare humanity into giving up its liberty “or we are all going to die.” In the state of Georgia, for example, (similarly elsewhere in the world) the governor started a hotline where one can rat out your neighbours for not following Covid-19 regulations. This sounds more like communist China or Eastern Europe during the Cold War! At least 22 million Americans have already lost their jobs, and the stock market dropped 10,000 points.

The globalist’s tactics involve:

1. Use the power of the Press. Put everyone in a panic through persistent scary news coverage.

2. Introduce Social Distancing and masks. It’s much easier then to turn your fellow men into strangers that you do not trust.

3. Use lock-downs as a trial run for martial law (where the Army takes over); it also tests mankind’s level of submission to governmental strong-arm tactics.

4. Crash the economy to make it easier to introduce a socialist system where the government takes care of you but also controls you. The US’ Universal Basic Income puts money in all citizens’ pockets- but this means the government decides what you need.

5. Make the Church more irrelevant. Handshaking- to stretch out the right hand of fellowship- gets banned; pastors are no longer allowed to visit the sick in hospital or take care of the elderly, and assembling together gets limited or banned for periods of time. This is a direct attack on freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. Pastors get forced online- where all online sermons get stored at the US National Security Data Center in Utah- with the possibility that it could be used later against pastors in a globalist criminal trial.

6. Introduce a cashless society. China was the first country to pull in all cash since it was “tainted” with the coronavirus. In the meantime countries around the world are working overtime to create their own digital currencies.

The mystery of Iniquity is already at work!