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The future of money (June 2021)

I have just finished a course from the University of Cape Town called “Blockchain and Digital Currency: The Future of Money.” 1) The course is designed for anyone interested in the future of money, but primarily for “those involved in the financial industry, governments, central banks, and individuals involved in crypto assets”.

The course itself and all the experts who attended the course agree that we are fast heading for a cashless society. Evidence of this is all around us- to mention some examples:

1) The digital currency/asset Bitcoin was accepted this week as legal tender by the country El Salvador. 2)
2) The South-African Reserve Bank is busy with a feasibility study called Project Khokha to introduce a digital currency in the country 3)
3) The Bahamas has already fully launched a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC), whilst a pilot project was also launched in China and elsewhere.
4) At least 54 countries have researched or are busy exploring CBDCs. 4)

Digital currencies/ assets (also called cryptocurrencies or cryptos) such as Bitcoin and others are revolutionizing the world of buying and selling. It is all happening on the Blockchain, which is a digital ledger where a record of all digital financial transactions are kept and maintained across thousands of computers across the world. The Blockchain is supposed to be the holder of all truth. It is a completely decentralized and open peer-to-peer system where transactions can be seen and verified by all. This makes it, at least in the minds of its developers, the ideal basis for financial transactions. Cash on the other hand is subject to counterfeiting, getting lost or destroyed, inflation, being used for financing drugs and terrorism etc. Digital money solves all these problems.

Such digital money (some countries don’t want to admit it’s a currency yet so refer to it as a “digital asset”) can be seen different forms, and the development of other such currencies are ongoing. Cryptos already in use can either be controlled by a government or company, or not. Those that cannot be controlled by any central government or group are called decentralized. The best example is Bitcoin (BTC), which was created by an anonymous person to be used on a peer-to-peer basis only; it cannot be controlled or managed by governments or large corporations. Because it is only possible to mint a specific amount of BTC (21 million), it is seen as a store of value. Because it is a breakaway from traditional fiat money most people are still cautious about it and thus it is very volatile in its value. But overall BTC has seen a dramatic increase in value, and I believe this will continue. 5)

Most cryptocurrencies are in fact centralized. This means it falls under the control and management of a government or large corporation. Governments like to know what their residents are up to, and if they don’t control the country’s money there will be no control over the economy, no way to enforce taxation etc.

Although El Salvador has just accepted BTC as legal tender, because most governments don’t like the idea of not having control over its legal tender, they are busy developing its own digital currency (such as South-Africa’s Project Khokha mentioned earlier). Every country calls its digital currency a different name, just like existing fiat money is called Dollar, Rand, Euro, Pound and so on. The Bahamas, for example, call their currency the Sand Dollar 6), whilst China calls theirs the e-Yuan 7) etc.

Then we have big corporations developing their own cryptocurrency. The best example is Facebook, who wants to bring out the Diem soon 8). It was previously called the Libra. This will be a digital currency not controlled by governments, but by a globalist organization with a small group of multi-millionaires managing it. To apply to be part of the Diem Association 8) who will manage this currency you have to put down $10 million as security. The Diem is an example of a “stablecoin” – which is a cryptocurrency linked to fiat money such as the Dollar, Euro or Yen. This will increase its popularity and people will trust it easier.

Question is- why would a social media company such as Facebook want to create a global digital currency? The official explanation is to assist those thousands of people who do not have bank accounts. With only a smart phone (which just about everybody has nowadays) and cheap internet access one will be able to buy or sell using those digital currencies. Globalist Elon Musk received the go-ahead to launch at least 12,000 -30,000 “internet satellites” into orbit 9), which will bring cheap internet access to every corner of the world. But it will also control your movements.

A big problem for these cryptos to function as global payment system is that of identity. If a thief steals someone’s smartphone he must not be able to use the owner’s cryptos. When I did the UCT course it was said over and over that a global digital identity system will have to be implemented that links a person to the crypto. This system does not exist as yet (although much research has also been going on to develop it). Globalists are also behind this research. The only logical way to link a person to a digital system will have to be by implanting a microchip that can store his or her details. Once this becomes a reality it will be easy to simply scan your hand at the teller when you get to the till after picking out your groceries. It won’t be too much of a problem if you loose your phone. With everything moving onto the Blockchain debits and credits will all be automated-instantly. Taxes will probably be deducted automatically from any credits you have.

Please note that the full development and implementation of this cashless system is not here YET. But developers are working hard to make this a reality and it is certainly coming. It is no longer a question of IF but one of WHEN.

Advantages of such as cashless system are obvious- this system counters white-collar crime, such a money-laundering and tender fraud. It gives everybody on earth equal opportunities to be part of the economy- indigenous people in the Amazon jungle, for example, will also be able to get personal loans or take out insurance. It creates a transparent system of financial records that no-one can alter.

The one big Disadvantage of such a cashless system is that one will effectively give up all rights to privacy. A microchip will not only record your buying and selling, it will also identify your physical presence (through GPS) to anyone who cares to monitor you, it will record your medical history, employment, and everything else about you. Whoever is behind the chip and the crypto that you use at that time (whether government or globalist organization) will have full control over the movement and actions of all citizens of the world.

EXCEPT those that had been raptured! When the world was in a terrible state God had Noah build an ark 10) – a way of escape from God’s wrath that hit the earth thousands of years ago. God always makes a way of escape for his children. Through the cross of Calvary He made a way of escape through his only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus became THE Way. He is the Truth. Not the Blockchain. 11) The Bible predicts that a man of sin, called the Antichrist, will pretend to be “the Christ” 12) by taking over the reins of the globalists. He will do this for only a few years – it makes sense that he might be the CEO of the Association that will control digital money at the time- having ultimate control in his hands. So that no one will be able to buy or sell unless they get his name or mark in their foreheads or right hands 13). I believe he will be on such ego trip (under Satan’s command) that he will declare himself to be God from the to-be-rebuild Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. As such he will demand complete and ultimate loyalty. But before he will take over the saints will be raptured!

And so it is obvious that the coming cashless system has many benefits. But beware not to sell you soul to the devil, and give up all privacy, by taking any microchip in your body! (I am not talking about vaccinations here- although that is clearly a forerunner that could condition us to holding out our right hand to be scanned!) And if you haven’t done so yet, admit that you are in need of help here, you are a sinner that needs a Saviour, accept Jesus as your Saviour and Lord- and be ready to be raptured out of this world before this cashless system is fully implemented.


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