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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

Are COVID vaccines the Mark of the Beast?

The coronavirus Covid-19 (and its variants) is by now the biggest reality of our time, and countries are rushing to develop vaccines to counter it. Many Christians are concerned that these vaccines might be the Mark of the Beast (MOB).

Conspiracy theorists quickly claim that COVID-19 stands for “Certificate of Vaccination” but this in pure conjecture. COVID-19 stands for “Corona Virus Disease.

They also claim that CORANA adds up to 666. In Numerology one can assign values to letters, where A=1, B=2, Z=26, etc. If you then add up CORONA you get 66. But because the word “Corona” has 6 letters, you add 6 next to the 66, getting 666. It takes a stretching of the imagination to get to this result, so I would not take this claim seriously.

Some also claim that the “quantum dot” is the MOB. A quantum dot is a pattern, like a tattoo where dye is injected into your skin. It consists of tiny semiconducting crystals – that reflect light. It is meant to help keep track of vaccinations. In March 2020, Bill Gates said that to track those who have been tested or vaccinated, “eventually we will have some digital certificates.” These certificates act as immunity passports. The fear for some Christians then is that, since it is in your physical body, it is the MOB.

Let’s see if this fear is reasonable:

Firstly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tried to counter fears by giving a typical “no admission no denial explanation of how these quantum dots actually refer to, not a pattern on your skin but, “efforts to create an open-source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing”. Secondly, IF the quantum dot indeed becomes a reality as a mark in your skin, it will only be a mark that a smartphone can pick up as proof that you have been vaccinated. It has neither GPS facility nor a data storage facility. It cannot PING you to a cellphone tower, nor can it contain data like your ID number or bank details. Something more is needed- a microchip. Thirdly, the MOB must be a microchip (because it must contain your ID, Bank details, etc.), and according to the Bible, it will be in your right hand and/or forehead. If it is in your arm or left hand it cannot be the MOB. So overall the quantum dot, if really a mark, will not IN ITSELF be the MOB.

However, Bill Gates is certainly a globalist. And, by the way, anti-conspiracy theorists have to explain away a lot of “coincidences”. Bill Gates is “incidentally” involved in BOTH developing quantum dots AS WELL AS microchip systems used for identification purposes. His ID2020 system clearly wants to introduce microchips as a method of identification. Many companies are experimenting with implanting microchips in the hand, and many people have already been chipped. The ID2020 project will develop through phases of testing and introducing sub-projects. Introducing the MOB will not happen overnight, but must be developed over time (However, I do believe that the IMPLEMENTATION of it will be introduced almost overnight- after the rapture of the believers). One such identification project that Bill Gates is developing is the MyPass system that identifies a person through their iris (eye) and fingerprints – it is thus a biometric system similar to that already used by Home Affairs when you apply for an ID. They use your facial identification together with fingerprints. But Gates wants this to develop into data being stored on microchips, which can then be implanted. Now THAT will be closer to the MOB.

Patent 060606 (interesting choice of number) – which was officially registered- is an interesting one. It sounds farfetched and surreal, especially if you do not understand the world of cryptocurrency. First, you need to understand a bit about cryptocurrency (of which Bitcoin/BTC is the most well-known example). The Oxford Dictionary describes it as “a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.” It is created through super-fast mathematical computations by crypto miners- machines that look something like a desktop tower case. It is definitely the way the world is steering to – away from cash. Covid added to the scare of paper money potentially having the virus on it.

Patent 060606 wants to make humans walking crypto-currency-miners that mine currency (electronic money) as they live and work. Cellphone towers- especially the 5G towers that are replacing the older towers- will activate you as a miner as soon as you have the microchip that links you up with this 060606 patent. This patent then is a next step in the evolution towards a cashless society.

However, the vaccines that have been manufactured as we speak, are in the form of a liquid, and does not have the quantum dot. Yet. For vaccines to be related to the MOB they will have to include the quantum dot AND link it to a microchip in your right hand or forehead. I don’t think the technology to do this is there yet – although technology is being developed at a lightning pace. Especially since Covid hit us, hundreds of laboratories around the world are racing against time.

It is also interesting what some conspiracy theorists say about social distancing – that the globalists want us to get used to being further than 6 feet (2 meters) apart from each other because once the 060606 patent is in place, it cannot read your data accurately if you are physically too close to someone else. This idea can be rejected as pure conjecture, however, logically, the possibility sounds reasonable.

What’s very interesting is how the 060606 patent will supposedly work. It is to read your brain waves and body heat and reward you with cryptocurrency. If for example you use certain social media or go to a certain website, you get awarded a certain amount of satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin – like pennies in a pound.) This way you become part of the system, and want to do what they recommend (like reading certain websites), because it increases your income!

It is also interesting how dates coincide: On 14 May 1948 Israel became a nation; on 14 May 2018 (exactly 70 years later) Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital; on 14 May 2020 the Pope had an interreligious day of prayer with all other religions. Some then want to predict end-time events based on this date- the 14th of May. However, Jesus Himself warned against setting specific dates, so although the Bible does say we will discern the season, we must steer away from conjecture about specific dates.

The website on quantum dots does say that “it’s possible SOME DAY that this ‘invisible’ application could create new possibilities for data storage…”

But the emphasis is on SOMEDAY. It cannot do it yet. We as believers in Jesus Christ and His words anyway believe that we will be removed from this earth (called “the Rapture”) BEFORE the Antichrist takes over to enforce the MOB. If you were not ready with the rapture and stay behind, you will be forced to take the mark and so submit yourself to the godless system of this world – thus bringing God’s wrath upon yourself. If you REFUSE the mark you will have to pay with your life. But, like with Abraham and Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah), and like with Noah and his family (the Flood), God always makes a way of escape. He promised to remove His people from this earth before God’s wrath is poured out en-mass. If you think Covid is bad, you “aint seen nothing yet!”

Covid vaccines are being produced all over the world. When it comes out, look for the following:

1) Does it come with a quantum dot or a microchip? If not, it cannot be the MOB.

2) Is it injected or planted in the right hand or forehead? If not, it cannot be the MOB.

There are strong suspicions that Covid vaccines are actually killing us off rather than saving lives. Isn’t it, after all, one of Bill Gates and other globalists wish to depopulate the earth so as to “save mother Earth” from destruction? (so the earth becomes more important than human beings!)

So far much evidence has shown that the vaccine actually breaks down your immune system and so might in the future indirectly cause millions of deaths. Many people I personally know or heard of, got sick and some dropped dead within days after receiving the vaccine!

But- whether you believe that the vaccine is safe or not- to ensure that you are not taking the Mark of the Beast- always MAKE SURE it passes the above two-phase test.