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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

The Great Reset by 2030

The Great Reset by 2030.

We are heading for 2023. This leaves exactly 7 years for the World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, to reach its goals for the “great reset” of society.

The Great Reset is the forced imposition of a fourth industrial revolution on the world. Remember Hitler’s Third Reich? He had a utopian dream of creating a new, perfect world without opposition. Klaus Schwab’s father worked for Hitler, and Klaus was involved in South-Africa building atom bombs during Apartheid. Like father, like son. Klaus also has a utopian dream of a Fourth Reich.

How do they see this “dream” unfold? Our current economic and social systems must be lead to implosion. People will generally be impoverished by losing their income, and assets, and by sky-rocketing inflationary grocery and petrol prices. People will lose their homes and become more and more dependent on the government to survive- who will of course offer help, but with strings attached.

Through impoverishment and physical means like forced vaccinations, the population must be radically reduced. This is all part of the environmental sustainability agenda. The earth supposedly suffers under too many people, so a large portion of the masses must be eliminated- but in subtle ways. This is an indirect way of worshipping “Mother Earth” – by sacrificing souls created in the image of God to “her.”

Political power must be shifted to the hands of the global elitists, who are all multi-billionaires and thus think they can change the world at whim with their monetary power. They want to reduce the rest of society to slaves, who are merely there to fulfil their bidding. We must all be connected to their network so that we can be monitored and controlled. The best way to connect people to machines is through microchips under the skin. These chips carry all our biometric, health and banking data. Whenever we buy or sell, this microchip in the hand or forehead (in case we lose our hand) gets swiped and the price of the good we buy get deducted from credits in our (electronic) bank account.

Since the 1960’s all commercial goods have been identified and marked with bar-codes that mostly have three 6’s in them- at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the bar-code. Economist Prof Mary Relfe explained how these barcodes represent 66 in her books, e.g. “When Your Money Fails” (https://www.google.com/search?client=avast-a-3&q=mary+stewart+relfe+when+your+money+fails&oq=mary+relfe&aqs=avast.1.69i57j0l5.5957j0j4&ie=UTF-8)

The globalists are in fact fulfilling the prophecy of the mark of the Beast in Rev 13:16-18.

In the 1960’s New Age leader David Spangler already mentioned that during the end-times there will be a Luciferian initiation through which the individual must pass to “fully come into the presence of Lucifer’s light.” Many see the enforcing of the mark of the Beast as this initiation. ( T Marrs: Dark secrets of the New Age, p.74 and C Cumbey: Hidden dangers of the rainbow, p.140.)

Spangler also promises a Hitler-like extermination for all those who refuse this initiation. Alice Bailey, another New Age leader of the sixties, called 666 as the “most holy number.” New age elitist Vera Elda openly stated that “Christians are the only spanner in these plans. There will have to be a massive removal.” Mark Satin agrees when he writes about the coming apocalypse, that will “cleanse” the earth of those in need of “purgation”. (M Satin: New Age politics: the healing of self and society, p.148)

One way or another we will be removed from this world- whether through the Rapture of the Church, or by dying for our faith.

The Great Reset literally wants to “cleanse the earth”, it wants to reset society. Out with the old Christian values and in with the new Cultural- Marxist values. Their new envisioned society is based on the current Chinese dictatorship, where the entire population is controlled and maneuverable at will. This includes, for example, a social media scoring system. Whatever you post or like on the internet, will give or takeaway brownie points in the eyes of those who control you. If your score drops too low you will not allowed to get into an airplane, take public transport, get a job or even buy food at a grocery store. This is already a reality.

The World Economic Forum’s ideas of a Great Reset is certainly not only economically or politically motivated. It falls right in with the agenda of the New Age Movement to replace Christianity, and everything that Christianity brought to the world- sound education, fair capitalism, honest wages, reasonable taxes, concerned healthcare, the protection of innocent babies and children etc. There is a deep-rooted hatred for all that is good and orderly and sound.

The mere fact that the globalists have a need to so radically change the status quo, shows how much they find it a threat.

For the globalists to reach their goals, many lies must be spread. Who is the father of all lies?

Lies during Covid is one example:
1. The lies about the need for lockdowns, business closures and curfews: The reality proved that in areas where lockdowns were not imposed, there have been fewer cases of serious illness.
2. Lies about the effectiveness of the gene serum in vaccinations are debunked by cases of re-infection of multi-vaccinated people, serious adverse reactions, and sudden deaths.

The globalist world does not tolerate comparisons or opposition. It demands “exclusivity” – yet denounces with horror anyone who dares to challenge its views. Think of Facebook that simply blocked viewpoints opposite to the globalist agenda; or the Joe Biden government who created A “Ministry of Truth”- so for the elite (not God or His Word) to dictate to use what is truth and what’s not.

The globalist world has no future – that God’s Word predicts. Of course the devil is, as usual, a copycat, and tries to emulate the promised Millennial rule of the Lord Jesus. But the Beast (Antichrist) will rule as globalist elite for no more than three-and-a-half to seven years. It will be a global dictatorship during the upcoming Great Tribulation (see Rev 13) – where God pours out His wrath upon the earth for its abominations and idolatry. The future the globalists wants to give us is the darkest and most terrifying that the human mind can conceive. The future it presents to us is false and cannot be obtained. Their official slogan is “I don’t have a house, I don’t own anything, and I’m happy,” But we will not be happy if we have no property. We will not be happy if we mere slaves to the system.

When they talk to us about pacifism and disarmament, it is not because they want peace, but because, when we have no arms to defend ourselves, they can enforce their will upon mankind. By enforcing “tolerance” and “inclusivity” upon us, they want to make it harder to stick to our exclusive faith in the Lord Jesus as only Way to God.

Never expect globalists to tell the full truth. Where there is no Christ, there can be no truth. Jesus said “I am the Way, the truth and the life.” Their hatred towards God is shown in many ways. They cannot hide it. Antichrist figures like Klaus Schwab’s personal advisor Yuval Noah Harari challenges God, the Bible, and The Lord Jesus Christ openly and frequently from the podium.

We saw their hatred in shows of European events- for example the cult/ demonic ritual of the inauguration of the St Gothard tunnel in Switzerland. Or the London Olympic Games, where we see the future written into history with what looked like the Covid Plandemic; or the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, with a display of worshipping the Beast. They give us “recommendations” not to celebrate Christmas and not to use Christian names for our children. They tell us that killing babies- abortion- is a human right.

The globalist doctrine is essentially Satanic, because it is the most direct opposition to the God of the Bible- it is rooted in the rebellion of Lucifer himself. It shows up in man’s foolish pride who believes he can be like a god. It leads Science today to deny its vocation to serve the good, in order to place it at the service of the New World Order. It wants to accomplish with technological progress what was unthinkable in the past: to erase the separation between man and machine, between his mind and artificial intelligence. The whole IT world is racing towards this goal. Because the globalists believe this will give them “eternal” life here on their “perfected” earth- where machines can take over where the human body decays and dies. Where 3-D machines can simply print a new heart, lung, or any other body-part.

They forget about God that said in Luke 12:20 “Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” How will a fatal car accident or a bullet in the brain save their intellect, their emotions, their very soul? To fear God is the beginning of all wisdom. And to hate God is to show up the fool. Ps 14:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God”

It is not surprising that Transhumanism is one of the key points of Agenda 2030. To create an immortal being, where there is no more consequences of Original Sin. Adam’s sin brought death and disease; the deception of Transhumanism promises immortality and eternal health- a false world where no Savior is needed but AI.

But we are assured of this- Satan’s rule through the elite will not prevail. This is recorded in the Bible. His delirious goal to reduce the earth’s population to only half a billion people, mostly slaves, will not prevail. His hatred for those created in their mother’s wombs by his enemy, God, will not prevail. His political New World Order will not prevail. He has a short time left on this earth. He will be cast in the lake of fire prepared for him and his demons.

It is exactly when the good is taken away from us, human beings, that realize we must fight the good fight and resist. 2 Thes 2:6 tells that there is something that withholdeth the “mystery of the iniquity”. The disciples of Jesus Christ, his Bride- are the only ones who are resisting this globalist evil. And that mystery- the Great Reset goals- cannot be implemented until “he be taken out of the way.” The rapture of the church is at hand- we will be taken out of the way, for the Antichrist to fulfil what God foretold. In the interim, we withhold; we resist. Are you ready?