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Could Emmanuel Macron possibly be the Antichrist?


Source =https://www.christianevidence.net/2018/11/could-emmanuel-macron-be-anti-christ.html adapted by CJ

Note: The following article is not intended to label Emmanuel Macron as the Antichrist. Rather, it is intended to educate readers, particularly those who may be left behind, about the potential characteristics of the future Antichrist. Throughout history, there have been many individuals who have been regarded as forerunners to the Antichrist, like Adolf Hitler, and Macron is no exception. That said, we should take notice when there is a modern-day figure who bears resemblance to the Antichrist, considering the lateness of the hour!

Scripture prophesies that the Antichrist, also known as the man of lawlessness, will arise from Europe with the intent to deceive and dominate the world near the time of Christ’s return. With notable figures such as Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin speculated to play a role in the Tribulation hour[1][2], and the lateness of the hour[3], it is plausible that the Antichrist-to-be is currently alive on Earth, possibly even someone well-known.

In recent times, many have speculated about the identity of the coming Antichrist. While popular figures such as Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Jared Kushner have been suggested, they do not meet the necessary criteria for this role. However, Emmanuel Macron, who became President of France on May 14th, 2017, has attracted considerable attention as a potential end-times figure because many of his characteristics align with those expected of the Antichrist. Consider the following:

1. The Antichrist will start his ascent to power from relative obscurity (Dan. 8:9).

There have been countless news reports on Macron’s remarkable and mysteriousascent to power, with many highlighting how he seemingly appeared out of nowhere.[4]A mere two years before the French election, Macron was virtually unknown, lacking both political party affiliation and electoral experience.[5]

2. The Antichrist will emerge from a revived Roman Empire, which was located in Europe (Rev. 13:1-2).

Macron comes from a European background. His country, France, is a member of the European Union (EU), which is often seen as a modern-day incarnation of the Roman Empire.[21]As the leader of one of the most influential countries in the EU, Macron is devoted to consolidating the union, potentially restoring its former power.[6]

3. The Antichrist will be associated with the number 666 (Rev. 13:18).

Macron’s full name has 36 characters, and when you assign each character a value based on its position and add them together, the total is666(1+2+3+…+36 = 666). He also won the French presidency with66.06% of the vote.[42]Interestingly, the command to “count or calculate” the number of the Antichrist is translated from the Greek word psephizo, which has a secondary meaning related to casting votes in elections or decision-making processes.[7]

4.The Antichrist will be a prince (Dan. 9:26).

Unlike most European and western leaders, Macron is technically a prince. He was named co-prince of Andorra, a small principality situated between France and Spain, when he took office.[8]While the remaining royalty in Western and Northern Europe hold little to no power and serve mainly as symbolic figures, Macron’s status as a royal has propelled him to a position of great authority, as he also holds the highest executive office in the country. Following his party’s sweeping victory in legislative elections, some news outlets have gone so far as to refer to him as a monarch with the power to rule by decree.[9]

5.The Antichrist will be a political genius (Dan. 11:21).

Macron’s political genius is apparent in his remarkable ascent to one of Europe’s most prominent political figures, second only to Angela Merkel. In just one year, he formed his own party, En Marche, and secured a historic parliamentary majority in a landslide victory, a feat unmatched since 1958. He made history by becoming the youngest president in French history at the age of 39.[10]

6. The Antichrist will be an economic genius (Rev. 13:16-17).

Macron’s impressive economic acumen is demonstrated by his rapid ascent within the Rothschilds banking corporation, where he became a partner in just two years and earned the nickname “the Mozart of Finance” after brokering a 10 billion dollar deal in a single meeting.[31]Despite claiming to not be a millionaire, his net worth already stands at $31.5 million.[32][33]His economic expertise is further showcased during his tenures as deputy secretary-general at the Elysée and as Minister of Economy and Finance.

7. The Antichrist will be an intellectual genius (Dan. 7:20).

From a young age, Macron’s exceptional intellectual abilities were apparent to those around him. His teacher at the time, who is now his wife, Brigitte, was impressed by his remarkable intellect. She noted that “he wasn’t a teenager. He had a relationship of equals with other adults.” His former classmate, Antoine Marguet, similarly described him as possessing an “Olympic intelligence” and remarked that everyone who encountered him knew he was someone extraordinary.[54]If you have read the “Left Behind” series, you might find it amusing to notice how much the fictional Antichrist in the series resembles Macron. Both are portrayed as highly intelligent individuals who stood out from others at a young age.[53]

8. The Antichrist will establish a seven-year peace treaty with Israel (Dan. 9:27).

Macron has expressed his desire to offer “safety and security” to Israel and to facilitate peace between Israel and Palestine, which has yet to be achieved by anyone. He intends to play a significant role in the renewal of talks between the two parties, and the French have already initiated theirown peace plan.[11]If President Donald Trump fails to present his own Israeli-Palestinian peace plan next month, Macron is reportedly planning to unveil his own proposal.[12]

9.The Antichrist will seek the destruction of the Jewish state, betraying the Jewish people (Dan. 11:40-41).

Just a few days ago, French Jews expressed their shock and horror over the news that President Emmanuel Macron plans to honor Marshal Philippe Pétain, a notorious Nazi collaborator who was responsible for the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to death camps.[13]

10. The Antichrist will have a powerful military force at his disposal (Dan. 7:6).

France’s military is considered one of the strongest in the EU, likely ranking first or second alongside the UK due to both countries possessing nuclear arsenals.[14]On a darker note, France is also known for the invention and frequent use of the guillotine throughout its history. Interestingly, the guillotine is believed by some to be the primary instrument that the Antichrist will use to execute the martyrs during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 20:4).[15]

11.The Antichrist will rule a ten-nation confederacy (Rev. 13:1).

Macron has been advocating for the formation of a “Coalition of the Willing” consisting of ten core European nations to establish a joint EU Army, enabling them to act in unison during emergency situations and to secure Britain’s military cooperation upon its exit from the EU. Just this week, a coalition of ten European militaries aimed at safeguarding the borders of the continent was introduced in Paris, following Macron’s call for a “real European army.”[16]

12. The Antichrist will proclaim himself as God (2 Thes. 2:4).

Macron has proclaimed that he will “rule like Jupiter,” the supreme deity in Roman and Greek mythology.[17]He has also been given several titles in Europe, including “Jupiter,” “Europe’s Savior,” and the “Sun King reborn”[18][19], and appears to relish the attention they bring him. He has even jestingly drawn attention to his own name, which means “God is with us” in Hebrew.[20]

What is interesting is that his first name is not the only reference to God. Each part of his full name, except for his last name, alludes to God or Jesus in some way. Here is a breakdown of his name:

• Emmanuel:“God with us”
• Jean[22]:“God is gracious”
• Michel[23]:“who is like God?”
• Frédéric[24]:“peaceful ruler” (also the title for Jesus in Isaiah 9:6-7)
• Macron[25]:a noun meaning “a written or printed mark…”

Macron’s last name also stands out. Revelation 13:17 suggests that the Mark is the name of the Antichrist. Is this a coincidence or an incredible play on words? The name “Macron” was also used in ancient history by a man who is believed to have foreshadowed the Antichrist—Ptolemy Macron.[26]

13. The Antichrist will speak blasphemies against God (Rev. 13:6).

Macron has consistently emphasized the importance of secularism and free speech in France, which includes the right to criticize and satirize religion. In 2020, he defended a teenager’s right to criticize Islam and stated that “blasphemy is no crime” in response to the backlash she received. He also maintained that in France, “we have the right to blaspheme, to criticize, to caricature religions.”[27]

14. The Antichrist will likely emerge from the ranks of theglobal elite, who are paving the way for the prophesied one-world political and economic system (Rev. 13:7,16-17).

Macron, who was groomed from a young age by the Rothschild family, a well-known Illuminati family, was invited to the Bilderberg Conference in 2014, a secret global elite meeting to discuss “What’s next for Europe.”[43]His attendance at this event suggests that he was being prepared for a role among the global elite, as he aligns with their agenda. He has publicly endorsed the establishment of a singular global order and a new economic system.[62][63]

15.The Antichrist will likely present solutions to global issuesand appear as a savior to many(Rev. 6:2).
Macron has taken a leading role in addressing global issues such as “climate change” and the COVID-19 pandemic.[28][29]His proactive and forward-thinking approach towards numerous issues affecting Europe and the world has led to him being dubbed “Europe’s Savior.” In fact, a magazine owned by the Rothschild family went so far as to publish a photo of him walking on water in a Christ-like fashion.[30]

Interestingly, Macron reportedly had a vision a few years before becoming President in which he saw himself riding a white horse and leading France to glory, fulfilling his destiny.[60] In Revelation 6:2, it is written about the Antichrist:
“And I saw, and behold awhite horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

16. The Antichrist will likely promote and use technology to establish global control (Rev. 13:16-18).

Macron has stated his desire to make France a global leader in tech and innovation and has launched initiatives to support this goal, such as the “AI for Humanity” program aimed at promoting research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in France.[34][35]He has also expressed support for the idea of a European digital currency and has advocated for reform of the international monetary system.[36][63]It is worth noting that both AI and a global digital currency are anticipated to feature in the Tribulation.[64][65]

17. The Antichrist will establish a one-world religion, which is likely the Roman Catholic Church (or under its control)  (Rev. 17-18).
Despite being born to non-religious parents, Macron chose to be baptized a Catholic at the age of 12, and received a Jesuit education until his last year of high school.[37]In June, he visited the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, where he had an unusually long meeting behind closed doors with Pope Francis, discussing migration issues, conflict in the Middle East, and the future unity of Europe.[38]

France has a strict separation between church and state, as enshrined in law in 1905. Nevertheless, Macron caused an uproar in a speech to Catholics this year when he expressed his desire to “repair the bond” between church and state.[39]

18.The Antichrist will seek to change times and laws (Dan. 7:25).

Since taking office, Macron has been reforming labor laws in France, which has resulted in several violent protests.[40] He aims to modify Sunday work schedules as well.[41]

19. The Antichrist will show no regard for any god except for the god of fortresses, whom he will honor (Dan. 11:37-38).

Macron, who identifies as a secular lapsed Catholic, does not acknowledge any god. However, he has expressed his desire to govern in a manner reminiscent of the Roman god Jupiter and has referred to his administration as “Jupiterian.”[44] Interestingly, the title “god of fortresses” belongs to none other than the Roman god Jupiter, whose Greek equivalent is Zeus. It is worth noting that Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a foreshadow of the coming Antichrist (Dan. 8:9-14,23-25;11:21-35), also portrayed himself as Jupiter and even erected a statue of the god.[45]

20.The Antichrist will display great arrogance, exalting himself above every god (Dan. 11:36).

Macron has faced criticism for his perceived arrogance. This is demonstrated by his claim to rule like the Roman god Jupiter, which implies a desire to rule above all other gods, and his decision not to participate in the traditional French presidents’ Bastille Day TV interview, citing that his thoughts are “too complex” for such a forum.[46]According to leading European psychiatrist Adriano Sagatori[47]

Like all psychopaths, he believes in his higher purpose. Macron does not love France and will not fight for the French people…Macron loves only himself…The paradox is that he appears normal, but we have a case of full-blown narcissism.”

This perception of Macron is not isolated and seems to be shared by many. Even Macron’s wife has voiced her opinion that he displays arrogance.[48]

21. The Antichrist will be an oratorical genius (Dan. 7:20).

Macron’s exceptional public speaking skills, utilizing rhetorical techniques such as repetition, metaphors, and imagery, have been widely recognized. During his student years, his professors lauded him for his “obvious aptitude for public speaking, as much in substance as in form.”[55]His speeches on critical issues like European unity have been acclaimed for their clarity, vision, and emotional impact.[66]Some even compare his ability to connect with the audience and deliver a powerful message to that of Barack Obama.[67]

In addition, Macron’s fluency in English is often remarked upon, with some joking that he speaks the language better than Donald Trump.[56]This proficiency in the most common language of the day aligns with the Antichrist’s ability to communicate with a vast and diverse audience (Rev. 13:7). 

22. The Antichrist will deceive the world through his charisma and charm (Dan. 11:32).

It also seems that he will be a homosexual or have homosexual tendencies: “Neither shall he regard..the desire of women” (Dan. 11:37

Many news articles describe Macron as young, good-looking, and charming. Haaretz News had this to say about him[49]

When he takes the stage at rallies, you can feel Emmanuel Macron’s messianic dimensions – the audience’s near-sexual ecstasy, his followers’ blind faith, his speech writers’ evangelical messages. People yearn to get a picture with him, speak with him, touch him.” 

A source who has known Macron for years, as reported by the Financial Times[50], claims that he is a master of seduction who can charm even his enemies. The source elaborates on how he uses his polymathic abilities to quickly gain expertise in various subjects and win people over. During the election, Macron reportedly made a point of meeting face-to-face with his opponents, confident in his ability to persuade them. However, according to the source, there may be a darker side to his charm, as he has a reputation for “seducing everyone” and then “killing” them (which is literally what the Antichrist does to the Jewish people after seducing them with a peace treaty)… 

23. The Antichrist will be ruthless towards others (Dan. 7:23-25).

Despite his public image, Sophie Pedder, the Paris bureau chief of The Economist and a Macron biographer, has reported that Macron can bevery ruthless.[51]For example, after being given a position as a government minister by President Hollande, Macron eventually took Hollande’s job and purged three senior ministers in his first days in office. Moreover, he has lectured and greatly offended Eastern and Central European leaders over their refusal to accept refugees, and he demands that French politicians follow his rules to be part of his team.[20][68]He even publicly humiliated a teenager for calling him “Manu.”[52]

24.The Antichrist will be characterized by satanic influence (2 Thes. 2:9). 

The demonic symbolism surrounding Macron is concerning:

1. Macron walked out to the “Ode to Joy” instead of the French national anthem during his presidential victory speech.[57]This composition contains references to pagan goddess worship and uniting all people through magic.[58]

2. He celebrated his win at the Louvre museum in front of the glass pyramid, with what appeared to be illuminated eyes watching over him from the top, a well-known symbol of the Illuminati.

3. In his presidential office in Paris, there is a painting hanging on the wall featuring a star symbol with a man’s face at the bottom. When the painting is turned upside down, the symbol bears a striking resemblance to the Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia of the Church of Satan.[59]

4. On numerous occasions, he has displayed the 666 hand gesture and has been observed making the satanic horned hand sign.[61][59] 


The Bible states that the Antichrist will only be revealed after the removal of the Restrainer, which is the Holy Spirit-indwelt Church (2 Thes. 2:3,7-8). This means that until the Rapture happens, no one can be certain of the Antichrist’s identity. While I will not assert that Macron is the Antichrist, it is worth keeping an eye on him. <br><br>



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