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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

Controlling the Internet

To enable the New World Order to control the people they will have to control the Internet (or whatever replaces the internet in future). China is an example of a country who put a national firewall in place. You can check here in real time whether your website is blocked by China’s firewall. http://www.greatfirewallofchina.org  If it is the Chinese will not be able to see it.

Thailand is trying to do the same. You can read about it here- https://hacked.com/thailand-close-censoring-internet-new-national-firewall/  By doing this countries block free discourse of communication. As the group Ananoumous warns, in the guise of “increaser security” and “vigilance” liberty gets removed from the people. “Credit card and banking details, private emails to your husbands and wives, pictures of your children, every website you have ever visited, everything that makes up the most intimate and private parts of your life – [will all be]  open and waiting for anyone of ill-intent to steal and use however they wish” (Source https://hacked.com/opsinglegateway-anonymous-hacks-thai-police-servers-proves-its-point/). This is always the case. Governments use the excuse of increasing security against terrorism and crime to decrease the freedoms of the average person.

This is a dangerous swing away from liberty towards government control and affect Christians and non-Christians alike. The same reasoning and control methods will be used to eventually force every citizen to do only whatever the government wants it to do- no freedom of thought, no freedom of movement etc.

There are still ways to bypass national firewalls. Examples listed are a VPN, PrivateInternetAccess, Tunnelbear, DNS server, Tor, Proxy, or SSH Tunnel. For more information google any of these terms or go to http://www.howtogeek.com/167418/5-ways-to-bypass-internet-censorship-and-filtering/  Fortunately freedom thinkers, who are not necessarily Christians, will always look for ways to bypass Big Brother’s harsh restrictions. With more and more hurdles in place it just becomes more and more difficult. Then again- hackers especially love a challenge!

If you want to read more about firewalls, and find different options for your computer, you can look at https://cyberwaters.com/can-vpn-bypass-firewall/