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Ye MUST be born-again (John 3:3)

New Year Resolutions for 2023 (Dec 2022)



It is December 2022, the time of the year when people are starting to make New Year Resolutions. These are always positive resolutions, e.g. to lose weight, to make more money, to get married etc.


But the Bible predicts a coming Great Tribulation that will last seven years. It’s not good news for those who reject Him. In the midst of the 7 years a global dictator (the Antichrist) will declare himself as god and enforce the “mark of the Beast” on every human. As Christians who believe in the pre-tribulation return of Christ we are awaiting the rapture next- where those who know Jesus as Saviour will be changed into their glorified bodies “in the twinkling of an eye.”


So how close are we to the Rapture and the start of this Great Tribulation? Nobody knows exactly, but we do see some serious signs of the times. The Bible compares these signs to a pregnant girls’ birth pains, that increase in severity, but decrease in intermittent periods of time. There are too many signs to mention in one article. But I’ll mention some, and since more and more things happen at an accelerating rate, they make us believe that the time is close. On a macro level there are signs to watch out for on the spiritual, economic, and political level.


SPIRITUAL – the ultimate goal of the globalists is to create a One-World Religion.


RED HEIFERS. In a previous article (http://endtiming.com/?page_id=969) I wrote how, for the first time since Christ, five red heifers were imported from Texas, USA, to Jerusalem in Israel, in preparation for sacrifice in the Third Jewish Temple. The temple must still be built, but in Judaism these young cows are believed to atone for the sins of the Jews. They can be sacrificed when they turn two years and one day old, but they should be no older than four years. Of course one cannot know for sure that it will indeed be these cows that will be sacrificed, but if it is indeed these, then the eldest will be ready before the end of December 2023.


SYNCRETISM. We know that the world must be ready for a one-world-religion, since the Antichrist will eventually declare himself to be the sole god of this religion.


So it is interesting that it is not only in Judaism that red heifers are mentioned as atonement, but also in Islam. They are important in both major world religions, which means that it could perhaps be used as bargaining chip for Muslims to give Jews permission to build their temple next to the Islamic compound and so to bring the religions closer to one another.


The Abraham Accords (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Accords) are statements – in effect peace treaties- between Israel and Arab countries.


The Abrahamic Family House is another interfaith project in Abu Dhabi, with a Muslim Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, and Christian building built in a triangle, for space for those who hold to no specific faith also to worship. This project received the pope’s blessing and is a definite move towards syncretism. (https://www.newsweek.com/church-mosque-synagogue-abu-dhabi-1461097)


There are many organizations that have as core goal the unification of all religions. One example is the Templeton Religion Trust, that spends millions in advertising on social media and elsewhere (https://templetonreligiontrust.org/explore/multi-faith-relationships-change-everything/)


Jesus however, said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6).


POLITICAL- the globalists’ goal is to gain control over mankind.


USA LOSING WORLD DOMINANCE. I wrote another article “What’s happening with our money” (http://endtiming.com/?page_id=973) where I explained how the mighty dollar is busy losing its global dominance. Subsequent to writing the article, Saudi-Arabia (who till recently had a petro-dollar agreement with the USA), switched to signing an agreement with China. The effect will in all likelihood be devastating for the American economy, and it also indicates a shift in global dominance.


WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS. In my article “Are we on the verge of the end of the world?” (http://endtiming.com/?page_id=941) I discussed the formation of a military alliance between Russia, some countries such as Ukraine that once belonged to the USSR, Iran, Turkey and several Muslim nations. In Ez 38:8 we read how such an alliance will attack Israel “in the latter years” in the Gog-Magog War. In the interim Russia and the West are threatening each other with nuclear warfare. Thus the possibility of nuclear devastation in the USA and Western Europe cannot be excluded.


There are also rumours of wars in other global regions. Conflict is threatening in Serbia, India, China is threatening to invade Taiwan, North Korea fires missiles in Japanese waters etc. In the mean time Russia is increasing her objectives of geopolitical expansion by, for example, positioning herself once again in the Artic regions. This is of course another catalyst for the EU to create a unified Army.


VACCINE PASSPORTS. With the exception of China, the world might have forgotten Covid and its strict lockdowns already, but vaccine passports are coming back. On the recent Bali gathering of the powerful G20 countries, it was agreed to pre-emptively bring back Vaccine Passports, to be ready when the WHO (unilaterally) declares the next pandemic. Sovereign nations are furthermore giving up their right to decide when such “emergency” exists, which means they become puppets in the hands of the WHO. (http://endtiming.com/?page_id=1031). By now we know, that whether the Covid pandemic was planned or not, vaccine passports and lockdowns are used to control society.


THE RISE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. When looking at predictions for 2023 by big institutions, they all predict a massive increase in AI capabilities. Globalists such as Elon Musk furthermore regularly promotes Transhumanism, where man will be linked to machine. Bill Gates and others again promote a universal identity system where all citizens of the world must receive a global identity number. The World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari, who openly blasphemes God and mocks Christianity, is very vocal about the WEF’s goal to have microchips implanted under the skin, so to link man with AI.


Traditionally countries respected the principle of Mutually Assured Destruction, that is, if one country had to use nuclear warheads, the recipient country would respond in kind- which meant that both countries would be destroyed. The Americans called their nuclear program the Manhattan Project. But AI will make this principle obsolete.. In 2017 pres. Putin of Russia addressed some students saying “AI presents opportunities, and the one who becomes the leader of this sphere, becomes the leader of the world.” In the USA another Manhattan Project was announced in 2022, worth trillions of dollars, with the objective to create renewable energy that will make the dependence on countries such as Russia for oil obsolete.


In AI the focus is on quantum computing and molecular manufacturing. Quantum computing will give us superfast computers that will make it easy to break into encrypted passwords and digital documents. Molecular manufacturing will inter alia allow the 3D printing and manufacturing of human body parts and limbs. This will boost man’s misguided belief that he can create eternal life here on earth by linking himself to AI and by upgrading his body on a regular basis with molecular manufacturing. Quantum computing will allow AI to control mankind en-masse.


Putin was right that he who controls AI, will become the leader of the world. Where he is wrong is that, like other world leaders he probably thinks it will be him. The Bible predicts a world leader called “The Christ”- in truth the Antichrist, who, for a short periods of three-and-a-half years, will control the world as global dictator.


THE GREAT RESET. The World Economic Forum, under chairmanship of Klaus Schwab, wants national Capitalism to switch to “Stakeholder Capitalism”. Nations must lose their sovereignty, whilst the WEF itself, together with the United Nations and other globalist stakeholders, want to create a Global Alliance as One-World Government. They call their goal “The great reset” of society as we know it. At the same time, the United Nations also has its 2030 Agenda, to switch to renewable energy, fight climate change and force the world though their actions (such as destroying 300 farms in the Netherlands) towards “peace and prosperity”.


THE RISE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. In Dan 2 we read how the end-time world power will be part iron and part clay. This refers to some strong and some weaker nations as part of the revived Roman Empire (The European Union). But the EU itself also has strong and weak elements. The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced the EU closer together, and also to create their own, strong EU Army that will make them independent to American military assistance. In this sense the EU is getting stronger.


The United Kingdom also announced an Un-Brexit Referendum, as they say that when the UK broke away from the rest of Europe, voters were mostly your older generation. The majority of young people, they say, have always held that the UK should remain part of the EU. If the UK once again become part of the EU it will unify the revived Roman Empire like never before. It is also a catalyst to make the EU stronger.


But, either way, Europe has a serious energy problem. It needs Russia’s fossil fuels (oil and natural gas). As such it put it in a state of weakness. So although it will be strong in one sense, it will remain weak in another – exactly as God said in the book of Daniel.


ECONOMICAL – the globalists want to create a cashless society


SWITCHING TO CBDCs. Across the world, banks are researching Central Bank Digital Currencies as an alternative to using cash. A good example is Nigeria. To push their digital eNiara, they are capping cash withdrawals from ATMs. They will no doubt eventually require all cash to be exchanged for their CBDC. (https://decrypt.co/117229/inside-nigerias-ambitious-push-of-cashless-society-and-enaira)


The scary part of CBDCs is that it puts more control in the hands of the authorities. Citizens will have to obtain an e-wallet. Debits and credits will flow from this e-wallet. Authorities will then have the ability to easily limit usage of these e-wallets, or even block it if they believe you are not submissive enough to their whims. Some countries are also cooperating in groups to bring out the same CBDC for the whole group. It is not inconceivable to see how countries will eventually link their CBDCs together, to create a one-world digital currency, so bringing control of the human race under one agency.


VALUE INCREASE OF GOLD AND SILVER (and MICROCHIPS). Gold and silver are the two commodities that have always increased in value during global crises. As countries start to switch to CBDCs, and with global instability increasing, we can expect an increase in price of gold and silver, as people try to use it as hedge. It is also reasonable to expect the price of microchips to increase, as its demand increases.


WHAT JESUS PREDICTED. Jesus said that when all these things happen, we must “look up”, for our redemption draweth neigh. It is closer than ever before.


So I don’t know what your New Year Resolutions are going to be, but mine will simply be to work for Jesus and to be ready! May the Lord so find us busy for His kingdom when he comes to fetch us. Amen!